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Club History


At the end of the season 2013/2014, Kharkiv "Metalist" won a bronze medal in the championship of Ukraine. In the play-off round of the Europa League "Metalist" beat Poland "Ruch", and then hit the group stage, where the rivals were: Legia, Trabzonspor, Lokeren.


5456-3In the season 2012/2013 Markevych`s team once again updated the club records - for the first time in history they won the silver medal of the Ukrainian Premier League. Club got the opportunity to represent Ukrainein the most prestigious club tournament - the Champions League.

After the grand celebration of the team on the main square of Kharkiv – Svobody square, the city`s team began its performances in the prestigious tournament and successfully held two matches with the Greek "PAOK". Further way of Kharkiv team at the euroarena was interrupted by UEFA`s decision on a year-long disqualification of the club


Kharkiv team becomes sixfold bronze medals winner which updates a record of national championships.

Year after year, "Metalist" successfully participates on the European arena. In the season 2012/2013 Myron Markevych`s team got through to the group stage and at the playoffs stage in 2013, lost to representative of the English Premier League "Newcastle" FC (first match 0-0, 0-1 second match).


"Metalist" won a fifth consecutive "bronze" of the national championship. As the number of such medals today there are no equals to the club`s head coach Myron Markevych in Ukraine, because no domestic coach led his team to third place for six times ever. Moreover, with "Metalist" Mr. Markevych did it five times in a row, which is also a record today. A total of six and a half years as head coaching for "Metalist" Myron Markevych has held 200 matches, won 117 times and managed to score 395 points with the team.

In season-2011/2012 "Metalist" continued to pursuit the two leaders, taking their points in away matches: with Kyiv "Dynamo" Kharkiv team played in a draw (1:1), and beat Donetsk "Shakhtar" (2:1). Again, "Metalist" has successfully conducted autumn in Europa League. First, they had easily overcame the resistance of the French "Sochaux" in the round of the playoffs, and then the group G in the fight against the Dutch, "AZ", Swedish "Malmo" and Austrian "Austria" they took first place with a 6-point gap from the second place and before the end of the tour, secured a victory in the group stage and the further way in the playoffs. Eight consecutive win-win matches - it's a club`s record in the history of "Metalist`s" games in European competitions.


"Metalist" for the fourth consecutive season, won the bronze medal and updated record of the national championships on this indicator, set the season before. And the fourth time Kharkiv team let ahead only two acknowledged giants of Ukrainian football - Donetsk "Shakhtar" and Kyiv "Dynamo". "Metalist`s" autumn European Cup campaign in Europa League - 2010/2011 was also successful. Overcoming the group stage and taking the second place in the company of such teams as the Dutch PSV, the Italian "Sampdoria" and Hungarian "Debrecen", Kharkiv club went into the round of the playoffs.


Season of 2008/09 became the most successful in the club`s history. "Metalist" won the bronze medals for the third time, which is the record of Ukrainian Championships. Besides, Myron Markevych`s team showed a great game in European Championship. In the first round of UEFA Cup "Metalist" won in a match with Turkish "Besiktas" (0:1 and 4:1). They became the first in their group and in the next rounds they met "Hertha" (Germany), "Galatasaray" (Turkey), "Olympiakos" (Greece) and "Benfica" (Portugal). In 1/16 of UEFA Cup "Metalist" won the match with Italian "Sampdoria" (1:0, 2:0) and in 1/8 of the final Kharkiv team had all chances to won the match with "Dynamo" (Kyiv), but it didn`t happen, unfortunately. 


Next season the result, earned by Myron Markevych`s team was repeated. Bronze medals were awarded to next players: Goryainov, Lazarevski, Babic, Gancarzhyk, Valiayev, Edmar, Sliusar, Trisovic, Madufi, Obradovic, Fomin, Rykun, Zeze, Papa Gueye, Devic, Bordian, Coelho, Postupalenko, Davydov, Barilko, Rebenok, Didenko.
    Marko Devic became the best forward not only in the team, but in the whole country – he scored 19 goals. Oleksandr Rykun became the best assistant and Oleksandr Goryainov became the recordsman – he kept his goal area goalless most of all.


In season 2006/07 “Metalist” managed to win bronze medals – best result in its history and received a right to represent Ukraine in the UEFA Cup. Also this year team set a lot of other club records – 3rd place after first part of the season, 1st place in second part of the season, 11 games in a row without a loss (10 wins and one draw), and its goalkeeper Olexander Goryainov had 18 “clean sheets”. In first main round of the UEFA Cup “Metalist” played against strong team “Everton” from England. Inexperienced Kharkiv footballers played well and lost only by one goal (1:1, 2:3)


Aleksander Yaroslavskiy became the club president.

In the 15th championship of Ukraine, under the leadership of one of the best coaches in the country Myron Markevych, "Metalist" once again repeated its best achievement, taking 5th place following its results, and several players were called up to the national teams of their countries (Gancarczyk – Poland, Kucher - Ukraine, Jacobia - Georgia, Bordian - Moldova).


After leaving the High League following the results of 12 Championship, "Metalist" has returned to the first country football competition in 13 Championship.


Since 1992 ‘Metalist’ takes part in national tournaments. In Ukrainian High League Kharkiv players made their debut in 1992, and in the second Ukrainian championship they took the high fifth place. In that season the team was headed: in the first part by Leonid Tkachenko, then by Victor Aristov, and at last by Sergey Dotsenko. After three seasons in High League the team left the group of the national strongest ones and joined it only after four years, having become a second-best in the tournament of the First League in 1998. In the 9th and 11th national championships ‘Metalist’ coached by Mikhail Fomenko again showed its best result – the 5th place in the High League

Ukrainian Cup– 1992

The highest progress in Ukrainian cups ‘Metalist’ achieved in 1992 under the leadership of Leonid Tkachenko, becoming the finalist of the tournament, but in extra time they lost the honorary prize to ‘Chernomorets’ Odessa. In that team there played:

Pomazun, Kastornyi, Yalovskiy, Panchishin – captain, Pets, Mykolaenko, Khomukha, Kandaurov, Adzhoev, Prizetko, Kolesnik, Borovik, Lantsfer, Shinkarev, Nazarov, Nichenko, Chuprin, Karabuta, Pushkutsa and other. Next season Kharkiv players reached semifinals of the Ukrainian Cup


These years were hard for the country, for the plant and, of course, for the team. Leonid Buriak left the team along with Sivukha. Yevgeniy Lemeshko, who has been coaching the team for 12 seasons has also left the team and Leonid Tkachenko substituted him


This year was special for "Metalist" – they have finally won the biggest Championship in the country - USSR Cup! 
Along with a victory "Metalist" deserved the right to perform internationally and the team won the first match – with the Yugoslav "Borac", but has lost in the match with Dutch "Rode".


During 10 seasons from 1982 “Metalist” played in High League with variable success. We should separately mention the year of 1984, the hero of which became 24 years old forward Yuri Tarasov from Kharkiv suburbs. He managed to do that his partners couldn’t do – to score goals regularly. And on 29th of September when “Metalist” played against “Neftchi” from Baku at home, Yuri, who didn’t even train in a sport school, managed to score 4 goals. In that season he scored 17 goals in total and this record became a club record for a long time. In top scorers table Tarasov became the 3rd along with Protasov from “Dnepr” and Zheludkov from “Zenit”, though he played only 29 games and the others – all 34. Tarasov’s “contribution” helped “Metalist” to score 42 goals in that season.


Two years after "Metalist" won small bronze medals and next season – small golden ones. The year of 1980 became very successful for Kharkiv team – they had their peak performance: 1.65 goals per match, 10 victories with high score, 58 goals and 10 goals were scored to them

The line-up of the team back then: the team captain – Potochniak, Sivukha, Kosolapov, Kriachko, Degtiariov, Kamarzayev, Ledney, Malko, Tkachenko, Bernikov, Saakov, Gorbik, Sapeshko, Linke, Bachiashvili, Tsymbaliuk, Dovbiy, Shalenko, Zhuravchak, Dvurechenskiy, Tukhovskiy and others.


The first success for the new coach was the year of 1978 when Kharkiv team have won the golden medals of the Republic Championship and got to the first league of the Championship of the USSR again.


From 1971 till 1973 "Metalist" played in USSR Championship among teams of the first league (the former second group of a class "A"), but unsuccessfully, and the season of 1974 began in the second league. After its end "Metalist" came back to the first league, but only for one year. Vitaly Zub was substituted by the Honored Master of sports Oleg Oshenkov from Kiev in the middle of season of 1975. His tactics in coaching was successful, but he suddenly died and in May, 1976 Adolf Poskotin was appointed to train "Metalist". Poskotin continued Oshenkov`s tactics and "Metalist" won the second prize in that year`s Championship. But Poskotin has been also substituted in autumn of 1976 – by 46-year-old Honored Coach of USSR, Honored Master of Sports – Yevgeniy Lemeshk


The First group consisted of 22 football teams and this year “Metalist” won 15 matches and played 19 in a draw. Kanevskiy`s team scored 49 points and became the fifth in the Championship.


This year “Metalist” has finally got into the First group. When the season ended, Koroliov, Kashtanov, Panfilov, Maliavkin and Yushka left the team. This year was the year of beginning of construction of training base in village Vysokiy and the club Sport School began its work. Oleksandr Azarov, Mykola Maslennikov, Arkadiy Rabinovich, Viktor Aristov, Robert Mkrtchan and Volodymyr Chaplygin became coaches in this school


In 1967 the team was renamed in "Metalist" in connection with the transition in the All-Union sports society "Zenit" (one version is that the name of the team was given by their coach Victor Kanevsky, but the other – by the management of Malisheva Plant) and this name has left till nowadays. This time the team`s aim was to have 27 points and they had even more – 28, but “Sudostroitel” from Mykolayiv had 55 points by the end of the season, which was on 6 points more (45:18). Symbolically, that then the team was trained by Eugene Lemeshko - the same coach that headed the Kharkiv club soon after that. 

In these years the team played: Savchenko, Nesmeyan, Timoshenko, Poskotin, Koltsov, Panychev, Panfilov, Koroliov, Kostiuk, Nesmeyan, Kozlov, Orlov, Koltun, Nosov, Hotkevich, Pestrikov, Miles, Aristov, Onysko, Gunko, Maliavkin, Matviyenko, Panov, Kashtanov, Kafadzhi, Jushka, Polyakov, Borysenko, Nemirovsky and others.


Before the season of 1965 "Avangard" was headed by one of the most authoritative experts of football, Honored Master of Sports Yeliseyev, who worked in Leningrad in "Zenit" before. Following the 1965 season results Kharkiv team was awarded with small bronze medals in the tournament between teams of second group of "A" class.


Novikov has left in charge of "Avangard" in 1964. And in the zonal tournament between 27 "A" class second-category teams Kharkiv team took the first place with 30 points. In the final they tried to get to the first group, but they became only 6 among 14 teams. That became the reason for Novikov to hand in resignation


When Maryenko, Sokolov, Nesterov, Kashtanov, Todorov and Rigvava left “Metalist” it rolled down to the second-category teams. All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions recommended to Novikov – the Honored Master of Sports – became the head coach of the club, but it didn`t help. The only achievement for the club was the third place in country Championship earned by Reserves. Matviyenko, G. Orlov, Y. Nemirovskiy, E. Panychev have showed good results in this Championship


Before the beginning of season 1962 Ponomarev surprisingly left the team and became head coach of Dinamo Moscow. Vlasenko, Kroshchenko, Mangasarov and Hachaturov followed him, that weakened attacking line of the team. Disbalanced and dispirited team was dropping in league table. And only vigorous play in second part of the season with new head coach Zhilin, former Dynamo Kiev player, helped Kharkiv players to avoid relegation.


In 1956 under the name “Avangard”(substituting another Kharkiv team “Lokomotiv” in “B” Class Tournament) team makes another debut in Soviet tournament and since that time becomes permanent participant of the USSR Championship and the USSR Cup and since 1992 – participant of Ukrainian Cup and Championship. During four seasons (1956 – 1959 ) “Avangard” players were playing in “B” Class Tournament, but in 1960 after reorganization of USSR football system, they received a place in the main tournament. Next year Kharkiv players coached by Alexandr Ponomarev from Moscow and his assistant Vitaliy Zub took the 6th place – team best achievement in the USSR Championships.

Such players as Ugraitskiy, Vlasenko, Marienko, Sokolov, Todorov, Rigvava, Ozheredov, Maslennikov, Panfilov, Korolev, Kostyuk, Nesterov, Voronov, Hachaturov, Bespaliy, Kroshchenko, Mangasarov, Chernyshev, Shyshkov played in that famous team.


After successful performance in republican tournaments, in 1947 team named “Dzerzhinets” makes its debut in USSR “B” Class Tournament, where they played for three seasons


Team “KhPZ” becomes champion in Kharkiv for the first time, and next year makes its debut in the USSR championship


History of one of the greatest Ukrainian clubs – "Metalist" Kharkiv began in December 1925, when football team on "Kharkiv steam-locomotive building plant" (present "Malyshev Plant") was created.
Those years in team there were brought up such good players as USSR national team goalkeeper Alexandr Babkin, Ukrainian national team players Petr Semenov and his brother Pavel, in this team there also played USSR national team players Nikolay Krotov and Ivan Natarov.


In the various national teams of the USSR, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Macedonia, Argentina, these players of KhPZ and "Metalist" as A. Babkin, P. Yakovenko, I. Kutepov, V. Medvid, A. Ivanov, A. Yesipov, V. Kasimov, A. Pomazun, S. Kandaurov, A. Prizetko, V. Prudius, V. Savchenko, S. Mizin, V. Zapoyaska, S. Shyshchenko, A. Gladkiy, L. Jacobiya, S. Gantsarchik, V. Bordian, A. Kucher, A. Rykun, V. Lazarevskiy, D. Sidorenko, A. Kurilov, Ye. Selin, A. Postupalenko, V. Sliusar, S. Valyayev, M. Devic, Goryainov, D. Oliinyk, A. Romanchuk, Edmar, Cristaldo, Jose Sosa, world junior champion in 1977 Yu. Sivuha, V.Kryachko, V.Kaplun, S.Baltacha, silver medalist of European Championship 2006 among youth teams R.Fomin.

Цены и правила аренды футбольных полей


- половина поля (70х55 метров) - 450 грн/час
- целое поле (110х70 метров) - 900 грн/час

2. МИНИ-ФУТБОЛЬНЫЕ ПОЛЯ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15) - 300 грн/час

3. ФУТБОЛЬНЫЕ ПОЛЯ 60х40 метров (7,13)- 450 грн/час

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1) Способы бронирования времени:

Забронировать время можно следующими способами:

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- обратившись в офис ФК "Металлист-1925" по адресу: ул. Плехановская, 65, стадион "Металлист", Южная трибуна, 30-32 сектора, 9 подъезд, 1 этаж "Раздевалки".

2) Оплата времени, забронированного за сутки и более до арендуемого времени:

100 % оплата, забронированного времени, производится ИСКЛЮЧИТЕЛЬНО В ДЕНЬ БРОНИРОВАНИЯ поля, по вышеуказанному адресу. При несвоевременной оплате, поле считается вакантным и доступно для бронирования любому желающему.

3) Оплата времени, забронированного в день арендуемого времени:

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4) Перенос или отмена забронированного времени:

Для переноса, отмены забронированного, а так же оплаченного времени, необходимо сообщить об этом, позвонив по номеру (067) 4 321 321 или обратившись в офис ФК «Металлист-1925» по вышеуказанному адресу, не позднее, чем за 24 часа до времени аренды. В других случаях услуга считается предоставленной и оплата не возвращается.

5) Обязанности арендатора:

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Правила аренды футбольных полей в парке Победы

Правила аренды футбольных полей в парке Победы


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Условия соглашения о персональных данных при регистрации на сайте ФК Металлист

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2. Целью обработки персональных и иных данных пользователя является необходимость идентифицировать пользователя при использовании им сайта и сервисов, которые предлагает ФК "Металлист", а также установление контакта с пользователем с целью возможного оказания услуг, предоставляемых ФК "Металлист". Кроме того, персональные данные могут частично или полностью использоваться для получения рекламных и информационных материалов от ФК "Металлист" в любом виде и для проведения исследования уровня удовлетворённости пользователя оказанными услугами и улучшения их качества.

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10. В соответствии со статьей 8 Закона Украины "О защите персональных данных" от 1 июня 2010 года № 2297-VI, субъект персональных данных имеет право:

10.1. получать информацию об условиях предоставления доступа к персональным данным, включая информацию о третьих лицах, которым передаются его персональные данные

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