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Aleksander Yaroslavskiy: "Euro-2012 is invaluable for Kharkiv"

The president of Kharkiv’s football club "Metalist", Aleksander Yaroslavskiy, told in an interview to RBK-Ukraine about the preparation of the infrastructure objects for Euro 2012 in Kharkiv, the cooperation with UEFA and about his relations with the authorities and the priorities in business development in the context of recent events in the Euro area.

Aleksander Vladilenovich, of course, we would like to begin our discussion with the numbers. But we can not ignore a documentary about you that has been released in Poland with a very complimentary title "King of Kharkiv". How had this idea appeared and how effectively has it been realized according to your opinion?

This idea belongs not to me but to the Polish television. On the one hand it was a new experience for me, and on the other I thought why not? People come and say: we do not know what Kharkiv is like! After all, not everyone knows that Ukraine exists, and almost no one knew until recently that Kharkiv exists.

The promotion of the Euro 2012 objects and the city should have been done from the first day when Kharkiv became the host city. And now we have to equalize the situation somehow. So, I think that the film you are talking about is partly a saving straw. At least now Europe will be able to see what exactly Kharkiv is. All the objects of Euro 2012 are shown in the film, and more than two million people in Poland have already watched it.

How do you like the title "King of Kharkiv"? Do you feel like the uncrowned king?

The only king of Kharkiv we have is "Metalist" and we are all its courts.

As you said yourself during our last discussion, 80% of all infrastructure objects that are being prepared for Euro 2012 in Kharkiv are yours. Can you already say 100 days before Euro 2012 how effectively they will be used, in terms of the financial return?

The payback period of the hotel (Ed. – a five-star hotel Kharkiv Palace at the Liberty Square) is approximately 12 years. The payback period of the airport (Ed. - three terminals of the "Kharkiv" International Airport and the surrounding area) is 17-20 years. The stadium (the reconstruction of the "Metalist" stadium is the private-state partnership, 30% and 70% respectively), the base (the reconstruction of the training base FC "Metalist"), the academy (Ed. - Children's Football Academy and the volunteer center of UEFA in Kharkiv) will not be repaid. But it is like this if we talk about the money. If we talk about the pleasure and the joy of Kharkiv’s citizens then it is priceless. And I even have not thought about how to return the money. For the last five years I was living literally 24 hours a day at my own objects.

We talked with you last Autumn when the UEFA operational director, Martin Kallen, came. Then, in fact, there were only a foundation and 2 or 3 floors of Kharkiv Palace and we have signed an agreement that the UEFA headquarters in Kharkiv will be located in this very hotel.

UEFA trusted me and was not mistaken: the hotel has come out the best of the new ones in Europe. I was in Paris three days ago and visited a new hotel of Mandarine, Santa Marina. Kharkiv Palace can easily compete with it by luxury and comfort. I am not talking about such hotels as Ritz, but I am convinced that Kharkiv Palace is the best among the modern ones.

Do you agree with the pessimistic forecasts that many fans will prefer to visit Ukrainian matches mainly according to the scheme airport-stadium-airport? How many fans can come to Kharkiv, taking into consideration that the Deputy Prime Minister, Boris Kolesnikov, was talking in RBK-Ukraine about 950 thousand - 1.1 million fans?

The more comes, the better it will be. As the UEFA president, Michel Platini, told me on the draw ceremony, such matches, as they will be held in Kharkiv (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal play here), create a real European Championship. We could only dream of this.

It is a strange situation that all information about the construction sites comes mainly from you. We get to know about the acts of the city government indirectly when the deputy head of HOGA, Yuriy Sapronov, reports that Kharkiv spent 10.397 billion UAH on the preparation for Euro-2012, of which 10% comes from the municipal budget. Meanwhile UEFA says that the total amount of Kharkiv’s preparation is about 8 billion dollars.

I can not comment on the statements of the regional government, I can only talk about my own investments. To this date, I personally spent 300 million dollars, plus or minus 10 million.

Is the stadium ready to receive the matches of Euro 2012?

The stadium works fully: "Metalist" and the national team play here, the matches of the League of Europe are carried out. But! It will not be accepted by UEFA as an object of Euro 2012 until more 9 million UAH from the city budget, 16 million from the regional budget and 21 million from the state budget will be invested.

Is the airport fully commissioned?

Not completely. We still have to use 394 million UAH for the works at the airport complex. They must be completed as the government promised in March or April of this year.

It is almost March. In addition, to cover the expenses for the airport, we need an adequate traffic of passengers and number of flights. How do you see the mechanism of realization of this problem?

The mechanism is simple – to wake up early in the morning, to sit in the car, to drive to the work and to occupy yourself with the creation of the mechanism. I sent Vladimir Vasilchenko (Ed. – the general director of the "New Systems AM" company, the operator of the "Kharkiv" International Airport) to Poland to negotiate with the Polish airline LOT and to Germany to the representatives of Lufthansa.

We need the contacts with the airlines to present our product and to help with providing the passenger traffic. That is what we are doing now. For example, besides the airlines, we are working with the embassies and their departments that deal with the visa regime, to see how many passengers fly through Kharkiv.

What is the plan for traffic of passengers until the end of the year?

Today the traffic is 400 thousand. Before the end of the year we plan to reach 600 thousand, and by the end of 2016 - 1.5 million passengers.

How difficult is to negotiate with foreign airlines, taking into consideration that the internal market is actually divided between two participants?

Foreign air carriers are businessmen first of all and see the prospects very clearly. The well known Austrian Airport Consulting Vienna made a business plan for us. It outlined the potential amount of passengers that is about 4.5 million. If we will have 1.5 million, i.e. 30% of this amount, it will be the huge success.

What is the pricing policy at the Kharkiv airport?

Average market prices.

A key role in air transport plays the issue of fuel availability. How will you address this issue, will it be direct deliveries from Russia?

It does not matter, as long as the airport has the fuel. And I guarantee that it will have it and there would be no problems with fuel. You are interested in the result in the long run, not how I will get this fuel?

The mechanism to solve this particular problem is always interesting...

I can not tell you all working points. What matters is that the airport was provided with the necessary level of service for the price. One friend told me recently that he came to our VIP airport terminal, and then he did not worry about anything, he even did not touch the baggage. And in Moscow, in the VIP-terminal for the $ 300 he had to drag his suitcase himself. So then he will tell people about us and they will fly through Kharkiv.

Issues for the construction of facilities for Euro 2012 are almost solved. It is the turn of building an effective operational mechanism.

We are doing this very closely. UEFA has allocated us a specialist with whom we dock the technological aspects of the airport. We wait for the specialist from UEFA for stadium. On the training ground everything is clear, on the hotel - also.

Except for Euro 2012, what specific plans for the near future you have?

To do business.

In the context of recent developments in the euro zone, which areas in business will now be a priority for you?

I told before that I am interested in any of the priorities, where I would earn money. Now I will say this: those areas where I won`t loose are interesting. Honestly, the priorities should be treated with caution, and there are less and less. And if yesterday I was very careful, now I have his cautious tripled.

After the "buffet" of 2000-2007 came the payment - "the bill" is still coming from the cash register and no one knows when it will end. At the same time they continue to make purchases in hope that someday this would somehow be justified. But it is not justified - the cash register wins.

Returning to the subject of Euro 2012. For many there is a consistent impression of a conflict between you and the authorities of Kharkiv. What is its essence?

There is no conflict. Remember, in "12 chairs" by Ilf and Petrov - a note in the newspaper, which says that Bender, after falling under the horse, got off lightly, but Bender says angrily that it was the horse who got off lightly? And so it is with me (laughs).

This year is the year of elections to the Verkhovna Rada. How do you intend to participate in this process - will you run yourself or support someone? And are you satisfied with what is happening in the country?

I would not run myself. We have a President elected by the people. I also voted for him. And since I live and work here, I support the course of the President. If one doesn`t like something - you can always leave.

I am happy with everything. I do not care about small details because nowhere is perfect, and perfectly right. There are many disadvantages in Switzerland and in the United States and in England. The main thing is to collect all the pros and cons and see where there are the biggest number. For me here we have more pros.

A current mayor of Kharkiv for you plus or minus, though?

Neither, but something closer to zero...

And you are going to just watch how this zero impact on the lives of your town or are you going to affect somehow, including - in the political process?

I will not do politics. I just think: a man who won the 0% of votes at the election can not be mayor.

You see the results of my work. Let the mayor show what he did. I see: he has a hotel "National", which resembles "Traktir on the Lenina avenue". He is engaged in Sumskoy market - and there the trees prop up the sky. That is, I do not see more than one object, which this man would have made with his hands, and for his own personal money. Roads in the city are built for the budget money - that is, for our money.

Let people look at him and determine the measure of the competence of the mayor. A person can not usurp neither the position of the mayor or the title of "father of the city." The townspeople decide this, for whom it is not important who has a vacation at Baden-Baden and who has it in Nice. For people it is more important to come to a good hotel for tea, go to the stadium, depart from the new airport with comfort. This is life.

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