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Stadium History

The construction if the stadium has begun in 1925 after the order of Mikoyan (the architect) on the Plekhanivska st. (former Petrinska)

The first name – "Metalist". The stadium opening – September, 12, 1926.
Since 1940 the stadium was re-named as "Dzerzhynets". Since 1967 the stadium is called "Metalist". 1961-1967 – reconstruction of the Northern stand. 1970 – 1974 – the construction of the Southern stand. Since 1998 – the reconstruction of the Eastern stand.
The highest record of attendance – 42 000 of viewers (September, 23, 1980 – USSR Championship between first league teams – "Metalist" – "Tavria"

The history of "Metalist" stadium goes back to 1925. The workers of the Locobuilding plant (Malysheva plant now) have made a football field, couple of tracks and small stand for viewers. That was the biggest stadium in Kharkiv city back than. The date of opening was set to September, 12 of 1926. The celebration ended with a match "Metalist" – "Dnipropetrivsk, which ended in a draw 2:2.
The first name of the stadium was "Tractor" and in 1949 it was re-named and got a name "Dzerzhynets" and at the beginning of 60s it became "Metalist" stadium and became the sport centre of the city. In 1966-1967 the Western stand was reconstructed and after that the capacity got bigger – 10000 of viewers.
In three years the Northern stand was re-newed and it was a very impressive work – the great work had been done in a very short term.
The football field has also been reconstructed – the drainage system was built for the first time in Soviet Union.
After the reconstruction the "Metalist" stadium becae the modern sport complex and its capacity was 30000 seats. New lighting masts were installed also and they`ve corresponded all UEFA requirements. Under the Northern stand there was a hotel for sportsmen, the athletic and medical centres.
In 1979 the Southern stand was dismantled, but the construction has stopped for 20 years. But the year after breaking the USSR the reconstruction works started again.

Today this stadium is the modern sport complex, which has the main and the sub-football fields, 6 gyms, health-recovering centre, the hotel for the sportsmen. That`s why the "Metalist" stadium is the main object of Kharkiv football. After the end of the reconstruction of Southern and Eastern stands 40 000 people would be able to watch football matches on the stadium.


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