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coaches and staff

Birthdate: 22 October 1982

Oleksandr Pryzetko

Birthdate: 31 January 1971

Iurii Ushmaiev

Birthdate: 11 January 1965

Was born on January, 1st, 1965 in Kharkiv. Has a higher education. He graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Physical Culture. A defender. A pupil of Sport School "Metalist". His coach was Bogdanov. Played for "Metalist"(reserves), "Mayak" (Kharkiv), "Veres" (Rivne), "Bekeshchaba" from Hungary (the member of UEFA and the Intertoto Cup). Works as a…

Birthdate: 2 July 1981

Birthdate: 31 October 1980

Birthdate: 16 July 1977

Birthdate: 4 February 1982

Birthdate: 15 July 1990

Birthdate: 24 January 1989

Birthdate: 16 February 1986

Borys Kuzmin

Birthdate: 8 May 1970

Has a higher education. Graduated from Kharkiv Academy of Physical Culture. He is married and has a son.

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