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Iurii Ushmaiev

  • Occupation: Coach
    Birthdate: 11 January 1965
    Age: 56

    Was born on January, 1st, 1965 in Kharkiv.

    Has a higher education. He graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Physical Culture. A defender. A pupil of Sport School "Metalist". His coach was Bogdanov. Played for "Metalist"(reserves), "Mayak" (Kharkiv), "Veres" (Rivne), "Bekeshchaba" from Hungary (the member of UEFA and the Intertoto Cup).

    Works as a coach in "Metalist" since 2005 ((till September of 2008 he has been working as a coach in "Metalist-2").). In 2002-2005 he has been working as a coach in "Gazovik-KGD" Kharkiv

    He is married and has two kids.

    Hobbies: Cinema.


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